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Easy - Tammara Webber

Lucas is such a cutie pie. Their sex scene was a bit corny, but cute.

I caught a serious FEVER !!!

Plot: 5.0
Characters: 5.0
Writing: 5.0
Sexiness: 5.0
Ending: 5.0
Overall: 5.0

I was thinking the whole time I read this book that "I wished someone would have geared me towards this series a while ago, but I came glad that I read it when I did because the happiness that this book is giving me is astonishing. I, honestly, cannot believe what I just read. The plot kept me so intrigued: it was about a girl trying to find out who killed her sister then meets a SEXY guy who kind of helps her. She is getting more and more lost into the crazy world of the Fae and she starts to figure out things about herself that changes her life forever. The way that the author build up the world of the Fae's and otherworldly creatures is phenomenal. I am already excited to get my hand on the next book.

My favorite character in this book has to be a tie between Mac and Jericho. After all, they make this book. Even though I REALLY love a book with romance in it, I cannot really said that there is a said "romance". It is more like some sexual tension, which I enjoyed and just some plain old regular tension when people are annoyed with one another. It was actually very entertaining to see the interaction between these two because it always left me wanting more.

MacKayla Lane has to be one of the smartest, shallow, blonde I have ever encountered. I have to say usual I do not emphasize with blond or shallow characters, but she was the perfect blend of everything. She was funny, she had the shallowness most girls have about themselves and she was just bad-ass, especially the way she held her ground against Jericho Barrons and his demanding ways and V'lane the "sex guy." I just love a heroine who can hold her ground against an ALPHA MALE.

Jericho Barron is one mysteriously sexy dude. I was hoping that I could read about him in every page. He is just so much fun to read about. I felt just like Mac and had to know SOMETHING deep and personal about him because he is keeping too many secrets.

Cons: The only thing that I can think of is that I wanted more V'lane. He is a mystery like Jericho.

I strongly urge anyone who has not read this book to READ it !!! It is seriously awesome. I, honestly, cannot believe I have just found this series. Thank goodness I have the next book within my hand reach because I am in strong need to know what happens next.

Oh, here are my Jericho Barron, MacKayla Lane and V'lane

Jericho Barrons

MacKayla Lane


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